Friday, May 23, 2014

Aiming for... Something?

After the great run I had at the Snake River Canyon Half Marathon, I took it relatively easy for a few weeks. The timing was ideal as we finished up an academic quarter at work and then took the whole family down to visit my 96 year old grandmother in Arizona. It was tough to get back on the bandwagon, but with the Missoula Half Marathon looming in July I knew it had to be done. My goal is and was to run sub 1:40 at Missoula. I have done that twice before, including my beloved 13.1 PR of 1:35:42 in 2008.

But something happened as I started to train back up in April; the fall marathon calendars kept popping into my head. Now I am not sure if I'm ready to run another marathon, mostly because the time commitment required for my long runs is tricky with the combination of my and my husband's work schedule and the new responsibilities of being a parent. I had pretty much written it off entirely for 2014... But those darn race-listing websites just keep me coming back! I theorize over timing, goals, training schedules, etc... And I still feel a little lost. Several races have "caught my eye" for different reasons, but none seem to have the perfect combination of timing and motivation. So as it stands I seem to be training - a little ferociously - for races unknown. And that, of course, is dangerous. I am pushing my body hard, and my body is trying to solve the riddle of what to do in response. Some workouts are wonderful. Others feel hard, but I surprise myself. And this week I strained a muscle deep in my thigh after a perfect storm of stupid training decisions. No one to blame but myself.

So who knows that the next few months will hold. For sure - the Missoula Half - but beyond that.. It's anyone's guess! Stay tuned!

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  1. Hi Jaye- haven't checked in a long while- thought I would see how things were going. Seem to be going well. I especially like one comment I saw- " new responsibilities of being a parent." Congratulations!