Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Training Log for the week of October 14th

Training Log for the week of October 14th:

Monday: Ran 30 minutes of hills. Felt tired, maybe in part due to the bad air quality. Had planned to run 5 miles but cut it short.

Tuesday: Skipped my early morning strength training, but had a moderately demanding riding session in the afternoon.

Wednesday: Ran 5 easy miles before dawn.

Thursday: Ran 6 miles in 48 minutes. I would never have run this fast on my own but I was out with a very fast friend. We ran the first three miles fast and I spent the last three slowing her down.

Friday: Planned to not run but lift weights. Skipped the weights, being lazy. But at least I was not sore from my Thursday hard effort.

Saturday: 5 miles, mostly 8:15 pace on easy terrain. Total time 42:30ish.

Sunday: 8.3 miles 1:09ish. Ran to the grocery store to meet up with the family. I was keeping my pace up on purpose but not pushing too hard, and it felt like a mild to moderate effort. Also, this was my first run in months that required a water bottle and GU... like a "real" long run! Wahoo!

Weekly Run Total: 27ish miles, Approximately 3hr 45 min.

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