Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Shifting Gears, Revving the Engine

The past few weeks I've been feeling healthy and happy when it comes to running. Many times I've headed out for a simple 5-miler only to decide I was having enough fun to stay out longer- usually for 60 minutes or so. I'm feeling motivated, and even more importantly, I'm feeling very committed to taking my training the next step. So starting this week I am writing myself an actual training plan. This plan will take me from my current 20-25 mile weeks up to running consistently 30+ miles/week. This will partly come from starting to gradually lengthen one weekly run into a "long run" close to 2 hours. Just as significantly I'll start doing planned tempo work rather than just an occasional randomly faster effort.  My goal is to make it through the winter and arrive at spring ready for some medium distance racing.  My first goal: Run sub 1:45 at the Snake River Canyon Half Marathon in March.  And, dare I say it, my big goal in 2014 is to run sub 1:40 at any half- either Snake River or Missoula, most likely. It feels like a good challenge. 

First step: Get to sleep right now so I can run in the AM! Stay tuned for much more... 

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